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    Travelling to the Philippines 

    Philippine Island

    Philippine Island

    Philippines is a collection of about 7,107 islands and it is known as one of the most popular archipelagos that exist in this world. It is encompassed by seas and ocean, specifically the Gulf of mexico.

    The Philippines is known as The Pearl of the Orient and the Gateway to Asia.This country is unique and different in its own terms and values, it is the only Christian country in Southeast Asia for their neighbors are mostly Buddhists and Muslims.

    People around the globe are captivated by this nation because of it’s abundant natural resources, great tasting food, warm hearted people and paradise like destinations which is why Philippines is the center of attention for thousands of tourist from all over the world throughout the year.

    People most of the time visit this place over and over again because the places it offers are so amazing that it feels like the time that you spent is worthwhile. Boracay, Palawan and Bohol are some of the famous tourist destinations here in the Philippines.

    This is a tropical country so expect a hot and humid temperature especially during summer which is March to June that’s why When traveling in the Philippines you should bring light clothing.

    As you travel around the Philippines you might notice that there are a lot of Spanish type architecture and traditions like the fiestas, it is because the Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for almost four hundred years.

    Everyone is encouraged to visit the museums,shopping malls and nightspots to get a taste of a country that some have called the only Latin American country in Southeast Asia.

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    Philippine Street Foods 

    "Only in the Philippines"

    "Only in the Philippines"

    One thing that I’m sure about Filipinos is that they love to eat and for them it could be more than just eating to survive. It is more about bonding with friends and family and even for celebrating the good times and helping you relieve the bad times. Even if there are many restaurants in every city or town there are more street food stalls serving up different tasty and unique food.

    Everywhere you look, it is common to find people crowding on a make shift or portable stalls in the streets. These street foods are commonly found outside school gates, churches, parks and even in malls where they offer most exotic delicacies. Instead of going to fancy restaurants many people would rather rush into the street to satisfy their cravings of the street foods which can make you full with only just a few pesos.

    To fully experience the taste of the Filipino culture you must try the different street foods it may sometimes look strange but they definitely tastes good. Let’s take a trip to the streets of Philippines and rediscover Pinoy street food.

    Every morning you will hear somebody shouting “taho” it is one of the sweet and very healthy street food in the Philippines it is made up of processed soybeans with caramel and tapioca pearls(sago).

    The small orange ball-like food that you can find in the streets is called “kwek-kwek” it is boiled quail or chicken egg with orange batter then deep fried. Some eat it with sweet or chili sauce especially made for it, some wants it with a vinegar which has cucumber, onion and some pepper.

    You can also find green mangoes on the streets and you have to choose between bagoong(shrimp paste) and salt as your dip.

    There are also boiled corn on the cob and “sweet corn” it is corn kernels which has cheese and butter that tastes really well.

    For more exotic street food you can try the “isaw” which is the barbecued pig’s or chicken intestines, the “betamax” which is the grilled pig or chicken’s blood, “addidas” the grilled chicken feet, and “helmet” the grilled chicken’s head it is all dipped in spiced vinegar or chili sauce. But the most known exotic street food in the Philippines is the “balut” it is the boiled fertilized duck egg, it is rich in protein and it can be eaten with salt or vinegar.

    There are many more variety of street foods in the Philippines so when you get to visit the Philippines make sure to try the tasty food they offer as much as you can.

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    Filipinas’ Hot Summer Getaway 

    Boracay, Philippines

    Boracay, Philippines

    Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons between spring and autumn , since the Philippines is a tropical country it only has two seasons, the rainy season and summer. During summer, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses. The date of the beginning of summer varies according to climate, culture, and tradition. In the Philippines summer usually starts every month of March and usually ends in June, but when it is summer in the southern hemisphere it is winter in the northern hemisphere, and vice versa.

    Philippines is a country known for its abundant natural resources with tons of scenic places and warm hearted people.

    Many tourist all over the world goes to the Philippines to experience a one of a kind summer adventure from mountains and caves, to beaches and falls, to nature adventures and even historical places that was left as remains of the past wars and lifestyle of Filipino ancestors that shows the culture, art and heritage of the Philippines.

    Some Filipinas choose to relax and enjoy the magnificent views in Bohol, where you can find the famous “Chocolate Hills”. Others who love to feel the breeze during summer travels all the way up to Baguio, “The summer capital of the Philippines”. While adventurous Filipinas, camps in the forest and sometimes swim in the falls, lakes, springs and rivers, others even choose white water rafting and tree top adventures. Some Filipinas that goes to La Union and Camarines Sur are considered cool Pinays for they surf in wild waves and competes in wakeboarding and surfing competitions, which we all know, is an extreme sports. But most Filipinas enjoy the best beaches the Philippines has to offer, one of the prime example of such is Boracay, with its fine white sands and crystal clear blue waters, the place is known to be their own warm tropical paradise.

    Activities in such destinations includes swimming, wakeboarding, paragliding, zip line, bungee jumping, riding the banana boat and the flying fish, playing beach volleyball, camping, hiking, relaxing at beachside spas and even having a little safari adventure and close encounter with different animals in the known zoobic safari. As the day comes to an end Filipinas and other tourists prepare for the parties that await them on the beachfront bars.

    Spending summer in the Philippines is like spending your summer in paradise because of the wonderful places, fantastic food and most of all, the hot Filipinas with their exotic beauty, that will make your vacation complete.

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    Love and Passion behind a Beautiful Face 

    Danica Flores Magpantay "2010 Supermodel of the World"

    Danica Flores Magpantay "2010 Supermodel of the World"

    It is true that most get attracted to a person through his or her physical appearance during the first few days since they met, but as time passes by other significant qualities are being showed that can make or break your relationship.

    Many people judge a person just by the way they look and doesn’t even bother getting to know them. Sometimes they stick to their own belief that when a woman Is beautiful, hot and sexy she is easy and bitchy or on someone else’s mind a beautiful faced woman is as beautiful in the inside. We can’t actually control their way of thinking but their point of view can be changed as long as they get to know them and establish a deeper understanding with each other.

    Most Filipinas are gifted with an outstanding beauty that when mixed in a room filled with women of different nationalities, Filipinas would definitely standout because of their perfect tan colored skin and brown tantalizing eyes. But it’s not the only characteristic of a Filipina that would standout against any other woman. The passion of Filipinas in doing what they love to do is greater than anyone because they put lots of effort to meet their expectations, this is why they are called fun and fearless women. But the quality that pushes them to the top is the way they love and care for a person.

    When Filipinas love someone they tend to give it their best, they put on a lot of time and effort to make their relationship work. These efforts such as communicating, spending time together despite of busy schedules and even getting along with his family and friends are only some of what Filipinas do to achieve an understanding and strong relationship. The love of Pinays isn’t only limited to their partners, better half or boyfriends, it is also shone to their families specially their parents because they will do anything as long as it makes their parents happy, even if it means giving up something important to them, these shows how much they really love their parents. Another person that Pinays share their love with is their friend. They treat each other as siblings and that means they protect each other and together they faced the tough challenges in life , sharing their problems, joys, and grief, together  they have a bond that is founded by love.

    The way they pursue to reach their dreams and the passion that goes with it makes them a fun, confident and fearless woman. The love that they share to the important people in their lives are more than enough. This makes us believe that Filipinas are more than just a pretty face, there is more to their character that are surprisingly good qualities that any man would find attractive.

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    A Filipinas’ Date Ideas 

    820-meter Long Zipline Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur, Philippines

    820-meter Long Zipline Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur, Philippines

    Every woman in this world has their own dream date. It ranges from simple to wild imaginations playing inside their minds.

    First dates are important because it is where you come upon your first impressions with one another. This is where guys show of both, their creative and romantic side to meet girls’ expectations. It is a very important time for you and the person you are dating to get to know each other. Almost everyone gets nervous and a bit tongue tied in the beginning of the first dates, but as time pass, they will start to feel comfortable and enjoy each others company or for some reasons it does not end the way you plan them to be, expectations may not be met and the chance of building a relationship may be cut short.

    A Filipinas’ dream date may be as simple as going out for dinner, watching a movie and having fun together but some would prefer an outdoor experience like strolling to a park or beach. Modern Filipinas would enjoy sporty dates like biking and wall climbing or ice skating and bowling, while the youngsters will have fun in going to amusement parks. There are also new trendy date activities in the Philippines like the Zipline, this is an adventurous love escapade. Ziplining is one of the most sought after outdoor activities in the Philippines today. Enjoy bonding moments, and be amazed with the scenic nature views the different locations has to offer. Baguio, Olongapo, Pugo in La Union, Tagaytay and Bohol are some of the places that offer ziplining.

    A date is a couples’ bonding time. It is where they get to know each other better while having fun doing what they love and enjoying the company of one another. It helps strengthen the foundation of their love that creates a long lasting relationship.

    In a Filipinas’ point of view, dates are not only for lovers, it could be with their friends and families. It is important for them to consume time with their loved ones especially with their relatives and buddies.

    Having the chance to spend time with the one you like can turn the most simple date into an unforgettable memory that will last in your whole life. Sometimes it is not about how extravagant your date was, it’s about the person you shared the experience with.

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    Filipina Dating 101 

    Now, if you want to get into Filipina dating, here is a crash course made especially for you! Check out these bits and tips that will help you get started and succeed in this quest for the one.

    • Find a decent online dating website – there is a lot of them out there but it is better to join those which have high approval from the dating community. You can check that by joining forums related to the subject, see how many active members there are, determine the number of years it has been around and if it is just a new one, check out what it offers and how it is faring so far.
    • Create a catchy profile – believe it or not, there are many of you who are in the same quest. If you want to stand out, build a profile that is attention grabber. Picture matters, so post the best one you have and also, make sure that you supply all pertinent information like name, location, age, likes and dislikes.
    • Learn the dos and don’ts of Filipina dating – you do not want to receive a bad first impression or consistently be turned down by your prospective date, don’t you? Filipinas are cultivated by a culture apart from yours, so you must learn how to deal with her in order to at least get her attention.

    The above tips will surely get you started on high gear, so if you want to start dating soon, be sure to follow them.

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    Online Philippines Dating: Some Things You Need to Know 

    TRUE LOVE is possible Online

    TRUE LOVE is possible Online

    Not all online Philippines dating website really delivers, that is a fact. There are those that stay for a while and do not last that long. Also, there are many of them which do not have much to offer. If you really want to start dating a Filipina, you better make sure that you are on the right website. So, how do you do that?

    First, check out the reviews – just try searching the name of the website on any browser and check if there are reviews about it or forums that discuss it. The best and the worst websites never fail to catch the attention of critics, thus, you will definitely find something there.

    You may also try to learn how long the website has been around. Websites that have stood the test of time may be doing the right thing because they will not perpetuate unless they have a lot of subscribers.

    See also the services that they offer. The most important things that you really need are free membership; free profile browsing and efficient communication tools such as chat and email services.

    If you happen to stumble onto a relatively new Philippines dating website, you may also give it a try. Who knows, it could be the next big thing? Just check out if they provide the above stated freebies and if there are sufficient members that you could choose from.

    Online dating is now the new trend in building a relationship. This is why, if you want to get into the fad, make sure that you have knowledge such that you will not be groping in the dark.

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    Filipina Dating FAQs 

    Filipinas' are very sweet and caring :)

    Filipinas' are very sweet and caring :)

    Where are Filpinas from?

    Filipinas are women from the Philippines, an archipelago located in South East Asia along the Pacific coastline.

    What is the concept of Filipina dating?

    Just like what the term implies, it is dating women from the Philippines which will start through virtual communication via the different online dating websites.

    Why should I date a Filipina?

    Many foreigners have been drawn to the Filipina beauty. These women have unique features typical of their race, the kind of beauty that you will not get tired looking at. Moreover, they are also very gentle and sensitive people whom you can count on at any time. In addition, they are also fun and intelligent; they can speak the English language in a very conversant manner.

    Do I need to pay to date?

    If you sign up on a Free dating website, you should not be charged for anything because it is FREE, if they make you pay, it probably is scam. Now, if it does not say that it is free, then you may be asked to pay for some things. Then again, why look for a paid one if you can do it at no cost?

    How do I know a fake profile?

    Be very observant because it is not easy to detect them because scammers have gone creative. Gut feel can help you a lot on this one.

    Which website can you recommend for this?

    There are many Filipina dating websites out there, just pick from the first three results pages and you will be on.

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    Cool Philippines Dating Websites 

    There are different things that various Philippines dating websites have to offer. Just like in a restaurant, they are like a menu where you can see what they serve. When joining such websites, do you have personal criteria in choosing which one to sign up to or you just go ahead every time you come across one? There are actually ways to determine which of the numerous choices are cool and if you want to know them, read on!

    • Access to profiles/ Profile browsing – this allows you to have a glimpse, not only of the physical features, but as well as the personality of your prospective date. Too limited access will not give you much idea if you will get along with the other party or not and might leave you starting over and over again with another potential date.
    • Communication – the site should at least have email and chat services, permission to use webcam is a plus so that you can actually see whom you are chatting with. Forums are great additions because they allow feedback and interaction within the community.
    • High page ranking – those on top of the search engine search results are the ones frequently visited and that could mean that they are trusted sites. Choose from among the first three pages, because they are those that are already stable or are already making quite a reputation in the community.

    There are many cool Philippines dating websites out there and if you keep your eyes open, you may find the best there is.

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    Identifying Fake Profile in Philippines Dating Websites 

    Finding a Philippines dating website is easy, it is the search for possible matches that is quite challenging. First, because your preferences might find a few match or none at all; and second, because you might be dealing with a fake profile. Yes, fake profiles exist because just like in the real world, there are people online who are fond of scams and you must learn how to safeguard yourself from them. So, how would you know a fake profile?

    It is really not that easy to identify fraudulent profiles because those scammers have really gone creative over the years. However, keeping your eyes wide open and being very perceptive will help you avoid them. Here are some tips:

    • Do the pictures on her profile look too creative, like they have been professionally shot? People who want to swindle you find this trick effective because they know that you first get attracted to the physical appearances.
    • Is she asking you to chat elsewhere? If she tries to lure you outside the site’s security, she may be up to something. Beware; it could be the start of the operation.
    • Is the profile information complete? Yes, there are times that members do not share all their personal details but if the profile tells you nothing at all, better just forget it.
    • Do you feel at ease with her? Oftentimes, gut feel will already dictate that something is wrong. Listen to; it could be the one to save you from being lured by certain Philippines dating sites.
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